Vision and Mission of FBCG’s Children’s Ministry

Mission Statement:

Do everything for God, and tell everyone about Him.

Our mission is to reach out to children with the gospel of Christ and disciple them in such a way that they choose to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love their neighbor as themselves. (Colossians 3:17, 1 Corinthians 10:31, Luke 10:27)

Core Values for Ministry

  1. Christ-Centered — Is Jesus glorified by this activity? Teachers and leaders should model a life committed to Jesus by showing up excited to be with children, actively listen to children, consistently participate in activities, and expect God to work in the lives of the children. (1 Timothy 2:5; 2 Timothy 4:2; Philippians 4:9)
  2. Age-Appropriate Bible Teaching — Are we using teaching methods that help children internalize Biblical truth? Each lesson should contain a Bible truth that can be applied to specific circumstances children face. The goal is for children to take the truths they hear and do what the Word says. (Psalm 119:11; James 1:22)
  3. Supplement the Family — The Bible clearly teaches that parents are to train their children in the ways they should go. Children’s ministry can and will supplement the family by providing Biblical teaching to children, training for teachers, and training for parents. Our goal is for parents to be primary, and the church to be secondary. (Proverbs 22:6; Deuteronomy 6:7; Psalm 78:4, 6-7)
  4. Safe Environment — Is the learning experience environment safe for all children? Parents and children can expect physical safety, emotional safety, and spiritual safety at FBCG. All Children’s Ministry volunteers have demonstrable hearts for Jesus and for working with children, and we take special care to ensure that all of our volunteers apply, and complete both background checks and child safety training, before serving our Children’s Ministry. (Philippians 2:1-5)
  5. Fun Activities — Are we leading activities that kids actually enjoy? Are we singing songs that kids enjoy singing? Do children want to invite their friends to our children’s ministry? Lessons should be taught creatively so that kids engage with the teacher and internalize the truth. This allows children to be active participants and find value in church. (Philippians 4:4; 1 Chronicles 16:31)